Budgeting For the Cost of Living in France

Embarking on life in France offers the chance to experience a rich culture and a variety of picturesque landscapes. However, financial cout de la vie en France demand prudent consideration before embarking on such an enticing adventure. A few key cost heads to consider when budgeting for France include accommodation/rent costs, food, top-up healthcare, transportation, utilities, educational expenses and a dash for leisure activities.

Housing is one of the biggest expenses in France, especially if you live in a major city like Paris. A typical metropolitan apartment in the heart of the capital costs about 650 EUR (736 USD) per month. This figure drops dramatically outside of the city centre. In Nantes for example, the average rent is around 500 EUR (566 USD).

Purchasing a property in France is considerably more affordable than moving to a US state. In general, consumer prices are lower in France than the UK – meaning that expats earning a salary in GBP would see a drop in their outgoings when moving to Paris.

Exploring the Factors Influencing the Cost of Living in France

Other basic living expenses in France are quite comparable to the rest of Europe. Water, electricity, gas and garbage are priced at a similar level across the country. Similarly, broadband internet is offered at affordable rates with the option to bundle packages for greater savings. As far as entertainment goes, you can expect to spend on average 55 EUR for a gym membership or 9 EUR for a movie ticket. Nevertheless, these expenses are offset by the fact that most public services in France are free or close to it.

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