How to Become a Breath Coach Near Me

Breathwork is a powerful tool for mental, physical and emotional wellness. Whether you are looking to overcome trauma, feel less stressed or emotionally balanced, or want to improve your performance in sports, work or life in general, breathwork can help you get there.

Breathing is a natural, breath workshops way to relieve stress and anxiety, support your body’s healing and self-healing processes, and create more joy in your life. But, like any skill, it can take some practice.

Whether you are looking to calm your mind, release anxiety or depression, or just want to increase your energy and improve performance, a breathing coach can guide you through effective techniques that will shift your perspective. Breathwork can help you quiet the mental chatter, become more present with yourself, and tap into your innate wisdom and reclaim the peace and power within.

Discover Breathwork Classes Near You

If you’re interested in becoming a breathwork coach, our training program can teach you everything you need to know. The course will give you the tools and confidence to facilitate life changing breathwork sessions for your clients, both online and offline. Founders Brian Kelly and Aurimas Juodka bring unparalleled expertise and vision to the program, so you can be confident that the knowledge you gain will be both practical and transformative.

Use the #1 app in breathing that’s changing lives – learn to reduce stress & anxiety, fall asleep fast, improve focus and energy, boost endurance & recovery, and more with scientifically-backed exercises & classes. Master the same techniques used by psychotherapists, olympic athletes, sleep doctors, navy seals, yogis, and neuroscientists.

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