Is Trading212 Right For You?

trading212 isa

With a trading212 isa and Invest account, trading212 is among the best online stockbrokers for UK residents. It offers a massive range of global stocks and ETFs, which is a plus for investors looking to diversify their portfolios with less well-known companies. It also allows you to buy fractional shares – which is great news for newer investors. The app also lets you create limit orders, which means you can choose how much you’re willing to pay to buy or sell a particular share. This is helpful for managing your risk and avoiding big losses.

“From Screens to Portfolios: The Rise of App Investments in Your Portfolio

Among the other features on offer, you can trade CFDs (Contract for Difference) which are derivatives that give you exposure to a particular asset without having to own the actual thing. Trading212 offers CFDs on a large range of global markets, including stocks, indices and commodities. You can also trade currencies (which is a way of trading one currency for another, like GBP for USD). The company only charges a small fee on trades made on investments priced in a different currency to the one held in your account.

There are other things to consider if you’re thinking of opening an account with trading212, such as the ISA and Invest accounts. If you’re interested in getting started, you can do so on their website1. You can also get a free share worth up to PS100 by using promo code NUTS. It’s important to remember that any platform isn’t completely commission-free, so it’s best to compare costs before making any decisions.

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