Skilled Home Renovations for Bathroom Renovation

A professional can help with everything from determining whether a wall is load-bearing to ensuring that any new installations like tubs or showers have adequate support from the existing floor and walls. They can also provide guidance on how to incorporate universal design elements that make a bathroom more accessible for aging in place, such as adding blocking between wall studs for grab bars (it’s easier and less costly to do this work now than after a renovation).

What is included in a renovation?

It may be possible to act as your own contractor, but even a small remodel requires specialized skills that are best left to professionals. Plumbing and electrical work, in particular, can be tricky: opening up walls can reveal corroded wiring or water damage that needs to be addressed. Skilled Home Renovations worth budgeting for the extra cost of hiring professionals to take care of these tasks.

Labor is a major cost driver, and NYC rates are higher than many other parts of the country. Homeowners can lower their costs by keeping the scope of their project as minimal as possible and sticking with materials that are less expensive to install. For example, replacing a tile floor with vinyl can save on material costs and installation fees.

To help manage the costs of a bath renovation, homeowners can get estimates from multiple contractors to compare prices and experiences. A contractor matching service like Sweeten can connect you with vetted general contractors who have experience with projects of your scope and budget. And they can help with the permit process and board approvals if necessary, saving you time and money.

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