What Does a Freight Consultant Do?

freight consultant

A freight consultant is a logistics expert who assesses supply chain management processes for weaknesses and suggests tailor-fitted solutions—from small fixes to major restructuring. They create transportation routes, negotiate rates, verify carrier credibility, and track shipments until delivery. They often work for a variety of clients simultaneously, dividing their time between staying in the office and visiting client warehouses or production sites.

A client with an agriculture products production facility that receives raw materials via both trucks and rail needed to improve its inventory management processes. This included reducing demurrage costs, which can amount to thousands of dollars each month. The logistics and freight consultant the company hired to help with this had experience in railroad sales, dispatching, or engineering, and used that knowledge to identify the best way for them to move forward.

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The consultant also helped the client optimize its shipping routes, which can save significant amounts of money. This involved identifying the cheapest and fastest routes from the point of origin to the destination. Finally, the consultants recommended that the client utilize a web based platform called load boards to find available trucks to transport its cargo.

As part of their job, freight traffic consultants must be able to make recommendations that comply with regulatory authorities and other stakeholders. They may also be responsible for implementing improvement plans and providing training for employees. They must be proficient in a variety of analytical tools and methodologies to provide the best solutions for their clients.

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