Malta Apartments For Rent

malta apartments for rent

Apartments are the most common type of rental property in Malta and can be found throughout the island. They range from modest one-bedroom units to ultra-luxury apartments with several bedrooms in prestigious areas. Apartments tend to be more affordable than single-family homes and are ideal for individuals who are looking to live in the heart of a city or resort without having to worry about maintaining a large garden or drive.

The Malta apartments for-rent real estate market is dynamic and the options for renters are diverse. There are long-term leases available for those who want to plant roots and stay put, as well as short-term arrangements that cater to tourists and visitors. Prices vary by location with urban and tourist-heavy areas generally commanding higher prices.

A fully furnished apartment in the heart of Malta’s capital, Valletta, can be found for under EUR970 per month. This is significantly less than it would cost to rent a similar property in London or New York. This is partly due to Malta’s relatively low utility costs. Electricity rates are low and the tap water is desalinated, which keeps consumption to a minimum.

Malta Apartments for Rent: Your Gateway to Island Living

In addition to the affordable price tags, Malta offers an authentic cultural experience. With big events occurring regularly in Malta’s capital, Valletta, and smaller festivals celebrated by local villages, there is always something to do. The islands are also known for their spectacular beaches and picturesque views. The scenic area also has plenty of entertainment, including the Albany-Saratoga Speedway where stock cars trade paint on a high-stakes dirt track.

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