Use This Cream For Your Joints

use this cream for your joints

If you’ve spent the weekend doing yard work, gardening, or hiking and your joints hurt, you might be tempted to pop an OTC pain pill. But did you know that a topical cream can ease your pain? Topical pain medicines soak through your skin and are usually creams or gels you rub onto the joint. There are also patches you stick to the affected area.

Use this cream for your joints including counterirritant ingredients, like menthol or eucalyptus. These substances create a sensation of cool or hot that distracts your brain from sensing pain in the affected area, says Dr. Cohen. Cold numbs sore areas, while heat relaxes muscles and increases blood flow to the area. You can buy these products at most drugstores.

Joint Health: Try This Cream for Your Joints

Some of the more common over-the-counter (OTC) creams are formulated with either menthol or capsaicin, which gets its warmth from chili peppers. They’re best for aches and pains close to your body’s surface, such as ankles or knees. Brand names include Icy Hot and Biofreeze.

You can also find a topical product that contains salicylates, which are similar to aspirin and have a mild anti-inflammatory effect. But check with your doctor before you try one of these, especially if you’re allergic to aspirin or take prescription blood thinners.

For a more natural option, Hempvana Arthritis Pain Relief Gel contains all-natural ingredients like sea buckthorn, chamomile, ginger, turmeric, and arnica. These ingredients work with the natural ingredient methanol to help ease aches and pains, while helping your skin stay moisturized.

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