What Does a Tree Surgeon Do?

Tree Surgeon

What does a Tree Surgeon do?

Tree surgeons are the people responsible for removing, trimming and pruning trees on public or private land. They can also help with woodland management and give advice on the best ways to plant new trees. They will often work for local councils, estate managers and homeowners. They will have to follow health and safety regulations, and ensure they are insured if working on private property. URL https://tree-surgeon-glasgow.com

Using a variety of equipment such as ropes, harnesses and other specialist tools, they can access tree canopy for pruning or removal purposes. They must have good climbing skills and a keen eye for detail to assess the condition of a tree and its surrounding environment. They will also need to be able to solve problems on the spot when working in high locations, and have excellent safety awareness.

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A skilled tree surgeon can make the difference between a healthy, aesthetically pleasing tree and one that poses a risk to people or property. They can also prevent future damage to a tree by pruning correctly, removing dead or diseased branches and reducing the risk of the crown falling over.

A large amount of a tree surgeon’s job involves working outside, which can be particularly challenging in inclement weather. It is important for tree surgeons to drink plenty of water and take breaks when necessary, to avoid dehydration and heat exhaustion. They should also try to limit exposure to chemicals by wearing protective clothing and reading container labels before mixing or applying them, and keeping quantities of corrosive and toxic chemicals to a minimum.

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