Why Septic Tank Pumping Is Important

Getting your septic services is an important service that helps to extend the life of your plumbing system. It also protects the health of your family, reduces foul odors and prevents property damage and environmental contamination. Having your septic tank pumped regularly can also save you money in the long run as it will keep you from needing expensive repairs and replacements.

The Environmental Impact of Proper Septic Tank Maintenance

During your septic tank pumping, the septic technician will inspect the lids, pipes and risers to make sure they are in good condition. They will also measure the sludge level. They will do this by lowering the stick into the septic tank until it hits the bottom and then checking the velcro strip on the end of the stick. The dark thick sludge will cling to the velcro and you can measure how much there is by reading the inches on the strip.

Your septic tank storage system allows solid waste to settle at the bottom while lighter materials float to the top. Over time, these solid waste items accumulate, reducing the available space for new wastewater to enter. This can cause clogs and other problems that will require expensive repairs. Septic tank pumping removes the accumulated solid waste, preventing it from reaching critical levels and minimizing the risk of overflow.

In between septic tank pumping, you can take a number of steps to minimize the amount of waste going into your tank. This includes educating your family about only flushing human waste and toilet paper, being careful about what is placed down drains (such as “flushable” wipes, cotton balls and grease), and limiting the use of garbage disposals.

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